You now how they have bronies and men’s rights and otherkin and headmates and redditors and stuff now, and they all want to be taken seriously? Well how about one for insomniacs. 

When you think about it, we’re discriminated against more than a lot of people are. I mean, the diurnals can go out in public whenever they want, basically. But when we do it there’s no one on the roads but cops looking for what they call “suspicious nighttime behaviour” and we’re refused entry into stores, places of worship, etc. Government office buildings are actually the worst because they’re never open past five, so it’s definitely going to be an upwards struggle for insomnirights. We literally can’t get access to anything unless we conform with the diurnals. Like, it’s actually, literally worse than segregation or apartheid in South Af— **puts pistol to head, pulls trigger** 

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