I just finished A Clash of Kings.

I’m going to start A Storm of Swords tonight, too. But honestly I’ll probably put it down and read other things for a few months before I finish it.

So far my favourite Game of Thrones characters are:

  • Ned, King Robert and Kal Drogo, all dead in the first book.
  • Daenarys.
  • Jon Snow.
  • Cersei is pretty cool but there’s not a whole lot of her.
  • Tyrion until he somehow became a warrior and killed a shit-ton of people in the last two or three chapters.
  • Theon Greyjoy and his sister.
  • That one knight who travels with Daenarys is okay.
  • I feel like Robb and the Kingslayer would be cool, but they aren’t in this book at all.
  • Arya. I found her kind of generic and lame in the last book, but she got interesting when she started getting people killed in Harrenhal.

My least favourite characters are:

  • Catelyn Stark. I’m sorry but I hate her and I hope her character gets killed off. She is the worst.
  • Bran. He just sits there and doesn’t do anything. And then when something finally happens he just gets the most generic super power around. Dude should’ve strangled him, then pushed him off the tower.
  • The Wildwoman from the North who protects Bran et al even though they killed her friends.
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